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AVC offers a range of services that caters to the need of our clients.

Our service portfolio contains:


of Things




Automation & Orchestration







Service Portfolio

In the realm of IoT, our Unique Value Proposition (UVP) sets us apart in delivering exceptional outcomes:


IoT Consultancy Services: We specialize in crafting customized IoT strategies that incorporate quick wins and pilots. These initiatives showcase the value of IoT to stakeholders, meeting their long-awaited expectations.


Full IoT Lifecycle: From the initial use-case selection phase to proof-of-concept (POC)/pilot testing and scaling-up, we provide end-to-end support. Our expertise extends to DEVNET automation and orchestration, facilitating seamless implementation and providing a unique DEVIOT value.


Integrated Value: Our approach encompasses the integration of IoT, DEVNET, and Digital Twins, leveraging a collaborative ecosystem of trusted partners.


Implementation and Professional Services: As a trusted solution integrator, we offer a range of implementation and professional services to ensure successful IoT deployment.


IoT and OT Cybersecurity Expertise: With hands-on experience, we possess a deep understanding of IoT and oT cybersecurity and its integration with IT Cybersecurity, providing robust protection for connected systems


IT Cybersecurity Consultancy: Through our trusted ecosystem partners, we extend IT cybersecurity consultancy services, ensuring comprehensive protection for our clients' digital assets.

In the realm of DEVNET, our UVP delivers automation and orchestration services tailored to the unique requirements of ISPs:


Automation/Orchestration Services for ISPs: Leveraging technologies such as Ansible, Terraform, and NSO orchestrator, we streamline operations, enhancing efficiency and scalability. Our unique value is being able to provide an engineer who possesses both DEVNET and SP skills.


Automation/Orchestration Services for DEVSECOPS: Our expertise extends to Secure-X Orchestrator, enabling seamless automation services for DEVSECOPS environments.


Automation/Orchestration Services for Datacenters and Multicloud: Through the use of Ansible, Terraform, and Intersight Orchestrator, we simplify and optimize the management of datacenters and multicloud environments.

We bring over 15 years of expertise in serving ISPs and Telcos, with a focus on SP Core, SP Transport, and SP Access:


ISP Cybersecurity Consultancy: We offer specialized cybersecurity consultancy services tailored to the unique challenges faced by Internet Service Providers.


ISP Implementation Services: Our team provides comprehensive implementation services (IGWs, BGP, MPLS, Segment Routing, IPv6 etc...) ensuring smooth and successful deployment for ISPs.


Service Providers Advanced Functionalities: We enable advanced functionalities such as CGNAT and DPI, LTM, WAF, DDOS protection, and more to enhance the capabilities of service providers.


Managed NOC:  we offer highly skilled engineers to support service providers.