Our Verticals



Predictive maintenance is crucial for the manufacturing industry to minimize downtime in production lines. We provide businesses with valuable insights by offering them a solution that utilizes AI/ML technology for predictive maintenance. Our solution tackles this issue by creating a digital twin of the manufacturing plan and visualizing it via an ecosystem of partners. 

Water Utilities

We assist businesses in real-time leak detection and take immediate steps to resolve or mitigate the issue. This service is of utmost importance for municipalities.

Oil and Gas

We provide solutions for the oil and gas industry, including pipeline intrusion detection, real-time leak detection for oil and dangerous gases, predictive maintenance, tracking environmental impact KPIs in real-time, and displaying all the necessary information on a digital twin for optimized response.

Critical Infrastructure

We provide support in various use-cases, including implementing dynamic speed limits based on vehicle type or weather conditions, enhancing pedestrian safety, reducing intersection dwell time, setting maximum and minimum speeds per lane, reducing heavy traffic and preventing deadly accidents, and enabling faster response from the control center based on real-time data.